We have answers here for the most commonly asked questions.

Of course, should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of your Brighton Dunes team members on 1300 88 05 86 or info@brightondunes.com.au.

Yes, you are able to make reasonable alterations to your apartment to suit your style. Any alterations need to be discussed and approved by the Manager to protect the safety and comfort of all residents and to safeguard the aesthetic qualities and integrity of Brighton Dunes.

Yes – the updated floorplans are being issued as part of the marketing material packages and have room dimensions and a scale on them.

Standard apartments are 2700mm in the living spaces and bedrooms and 2400mm in wet areas and kitchens.

Penthouses range from 2700mm (wet areas) to 3000mm (most of the living areas and bedrooms). There are some sections in the living areas, where there are raking ceilings that range from 3400mm to 4000mm. Refer to ceiling plans for Penthouse details.

Yes, the curtain walls (some south and north facing windows) are a blue shade. The traditional-framed windows (on all sides of façade) are natural/grey tint.

Colour schemes have been carefully selected by interior designers to work in harmony with all materials selected for that scheme. Colour schemes are chosen as a package only and are not interchangeable between schemes. Brighton Dunes offers three colour schemes for the standard apartments for buyers to choose one of these as a package.

In response to market feedback, the Samphire Coast scheme (originally with a green splashback) has been changed to a clear/white splashback. This will give purchasers the option of white splashback (Samphire Coast), blue splashback (Seamist) or mushroom/beige splashback (The Rocks).

Yes. The sales team have kitchen joinery details and joinery finishes schedules for all apartments – they will be able to assist you with your apartment’s details.

In Stage 2 apartments, the space is approximately 550mm internally.

Yes – there are mop cupboards which are tall enough for brooms, mops etc.

The floorboards are adhesively fixed to the concrete slabs.

Your comfort is our priority; separate air conditioning units have been installed so you can regulate the temperature in your own apartment.

There are television points installed in multiple locations in each apartment, depending on the design and layout.

The sales team have power and lighting drawings for individual apartments – they will be able to assist you with your apartment’s details.

Yes! The National Broadband Network gives your apartment access to high-speed internet. One connection will give you access to Foxtel, the internet and telephone.

There are electrical provisions for Foxtel. You will need to arrange for this to be connected once you move in to the apartment.

Yes, these can be managed as a post-occupancy procurement. Only pre-selected retractable blinds on balconies would be permitted to the extents previously agreed for Stage 1 – to ensure uniformity of aesthetics across the entire Brighton Dunes Complex.

The tiles have been designed for the coastal environment and are designed to maximise slip resistance. It is generally not recommended to change these to a smooth surface for this reason.

At Brighton Dunes, we appreciate the companionship pets can provide. Pets are welcome in your home and as a part of our community. While Brighton Dunes prides itself as a pet-friendly community, we also understand our obligations to others in the community without pets. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your pet’s suitability for residing at Brighton Dunes.

Of course, this is your home after all! Your family and friends are welcome to visit you as often as they would in your own home. We’re sure they’ll enjoy all that is on offer at Brighton Dunes with you.

You’re more than welcome to have family and friends stay overnight. For the safety and security of your visitors and the community, we ask that you record their stay with Reception. This way we can ensure everyone is safe in the case of an emergency.

Visitor parking is available in front of the main entry – on grade car parking and guests are also welcome to utilise your allocated car parking space.

Each apartment is allocated either one or two undercover, secured car parking spaces, dependent upon the style of apartment.

The car park allocations have been carefully considered with many factors in mind. These have now been finalised and are not able to be changed.

Your car park may have been changed since you put your deposit on your apartment. Please discuss it with the Phil McMahon’s Sales Team to verify your allocated car park(s).

There are a finite number of car parks, which have already been allocated to residents, contractors, visitors or disability access car parks. You may be able to negotiate with fellow residents and management once you move in if some residents do not need all of their allocated car parks.

No. The car park is a secure, under-cover area which provides sufficient security for cars from the public. Any items other than cars should be stored in the allocated storage units, which are fully secure/lockable.

A car washing bay is provided in the basement of Stage 1 and Stage 2 carparks for the use of the residents.

Of course! At Brighton Dunes, we have secure caravan, boat and trailer parking facilities. * fees apply

Yes, each apartment has a designated secure storage unit in the underground carpark for storing personal items.

The storage cages range in size from 3100mm2 to 3800mm2. Refer to the apartment inclusions with floorplan document for individual dimensions.

At Brighton Dunes, your security is our priority. The site is secured with personalised access cards which gives you access to the car park, reception area, communal facilities and each apartment building.

We want to make your life easier, so each apartment is equipped with either a laundry cupboard or laundry room. Laundry can be dried internally within the apartments.

Absolutely, your doctor can be granted access to your home via Brighton Dunes Reception.

Waste is collected in the basement of the buildings, from the waste chutes located by the lift on each level.

You can send mail with ease with the postage services located at Brighton Dunes Reception, parcels will need to be sent via Australia Post. Individualised letterboxes are also located near the Reception Area. Our Reception, when attended, will also happily accept packages and deliveries on your behalf if you are not home.

Brighton Dunes apartments are located close to public transport, which can be accessed from King George Avenue.

Residents contribute to the cost of running Brighton Dunes through a Residents Fee. The Residents Fee covers costs such as waste removal, buildings insurance and communal operating costs including electricity power for the grounds and pavilion, cleaning, pool maintenance, grounds and landscaping, general repairs and maintenance, management, emergency call system charges etc.

Additional costs include contents insurance, council rates and utilities; including electricity network charges, water heating, water supply (not usage) and service connectivity costs, such as the internet, phone and pay-TV. If you wish to store bulky items such as caravans and boats, an additional cost will be charged. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and advise the additional costs.

Stage 1

Minda’s Brighton Dunes apartments focus on passive design, with natural ventilation and daylight in all apartments. Sustainability is balanced with comfort for easy modern living. This includes features such as:

  • Energy efficient air conditioning and LED lighting
  • Daylight to all living areas and bedrooms
  • Maximised views and connection to the outdoors
  • Naturally ventilated car parks to minimise mechanical ventilation requirements
    Recycling areas for ease of separation of wastes

Stage 2

The second stage of Brighton Dunes builds on the sustainability achievements from Stage 1, with high levels of thermal performance incorporated into the building design. Energy efficiency has been designed to exceed building code requirements. Environmental Sustainability initiatives include:

  • Energy efficient air conditioning, zoned for day and night time use
  • LED lighting throughout, including daylight and motion sensors to common areas
  • Daylight to all living areas and bedrooms
  • Maximised views and connection to the outdoors
  • Materials and glazing selected for thermal performance and comfort
  • Renewable energy provided through solar Photovoltaic cells (solar) on roofs
  • Solar-boosted hot water
  • Water efficient fixtures are selected for all apartments and common facilities.

Ultimate beachfront means you can step out of your apartment and directly access the beach on the north end of the dunes.

The Gross Floor Area is approximately 300m2.

The communal facilities boast a stunning 12.5m long pool that is heated year‐round for your enjoyment. The pool is situated beside the gym facilities, outdoor exercise space and changing facilities. The Minda Brighton site also boasts a fully‐heated hydrotherapy pool with disability access.

Brighton Dunes is a fully secure facility with access via a swipe card. Access can also be gained through the basement, Reception and designated access points.