I can’t speak highly enough of the community

I can’t speak highly enough of the community here – it’s one of the unique things about the Dunes. We’re like a family. When my wife passed away, people came to my door and offered help and kindness. I use the pool every day. I use the gym. I’m on the library committee and the social club committee. I’m in a north-facing apartment, and I can look up to the hills and out to the sea. It’s great. Security is also a very big thing, and having no work to do in the gardens. It takes away all your troubles. You can live a wonderful lifestyle here. I absolutely love it here – it’s my forever home. Glyn Ashcroft

I absolutely love it here

I absolutely love it here. I love the location and I walk on the beach and swim in the sea every day. I like to say no one gets older at Brighton Dunes! The location encourages you to be active, I use the gym, and the social life keeps you young. It’s a very friendly, amiable group. We all have bonded so well. I really like the design of the apartment I’m in – it’s very spacious and I love the balcony. And we are so secure here – I can walk out of my apartment and I don’t have to worry about locking doors. The freedom to just go and not have to worry is wonderful. Jan Sheffield

We love the beach and the sunshine

We love the beach and the sunshine which is why we were attracted to Brighton Dunes. As we were getting older, Bill and I thought about all the work we did around our house and decided that we didn’t want to spend our retirement doing maintenance. At Brighton Dunes, if we want anything done, we put in a request and it gets done. We also wanted to go travelling, buy a caravan and just shut the door. We have great peace of mind now when we’re travelling, knowing that our home is secure. It’s a real bonus that we can store our caravan here. Bill & Trish Hall

Small dogs are welcome at Brighton Dunes

After making the decision I wanted to downsize I happened to bump into someone who was living at Brighton Dunes, and when she showed me around it just hit the spot. But I have a little dog, and I wasn’t prepared to go anywhere if Pippa couldn’t come with me. Luckily small dogs are welcome at Brighton Dunes. And with the wonderful supportive group of friends I have made since moving in, I’m delighted that I now call Brighton Dunes home. I’d encourage anyone to have a look. Val Griffin
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