Your Community

A supportive, welcoming community

Brighton Dunes is not just a beautiful place to live – it’s a vibrant community of like-minded people who share your vision of a luxury retirement.


Whether you live with a partner or on your own, there are plenty of opportunities to form friendships with your fellow residents while joining in regular group activities and get-togethers in the safety and security of a resort environment.

We support you

Our friendly and approachable team are also part of the Brighton Dunes community. We’re here to support your every need, and cater to your ongoing requirements with a wide range of personal services.

Putting people first

The developer of Brighton Dunes, Minda, is a trusted not-for-profit organisation with over 120 years of experience putting the interests of the individual first, in order to improve people’s lives. As a result, Brighton Dunes has been conceived with the intention of building an inclusive, positive community where people can live in harmony, while sharing the many benefits of retirement living.

For a coveted place to call home – nothing comes close.