Health & Wellness

Your health and wellbeing

We understand that health and wellbeing is very important to you. Our team has developed a range of programs to keep you fit and healthy.

Yoga sessions

Increase your strength and balance with a dedicated yoga instructor who is specifically trained in yoga for seniors.


Walking groups

An organised Brighton Dunes walking group will help you stay motivated to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Plus you can enjoy the safety and social interaction a walking group provides.


Allied services

We provide our residents with optional, ongoing guidance from our allied service partners to assist you with your health and wellness goals.



We make it easy for you to access physiotherapy care. We can arrange a physiotherapist to complete an assessment and conduct treatment in the most convenient location for you, right in your home.


Massage therapy

If you are feeling some pain and stiffness in your joints, we can arrange for regular massage therapy. Regular massage can assist in your desire to stay active and get the most out of your life, while helping with relaxation and the harmonious union of mind and body.



We want you to look and feel your best and can arrange for a beauty therapist to come to you so you can enjoy a range of salon treatments in the comfort of your own home.



If you’d rather not travel to and from a salon, you can have a qualified and experienced hairdresser visit you in the comfort of your home at a day and time that’s convenient to you.

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